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Topics & Ideas For Your Campaign

Copy these ideas directly into your campaign or use them as inspiration when creating your own ideas. Don’t forget to change the placeholder variables (ex. [yourName])!

Topic: "Fall Leaf Clean Up"

Hey, [firstName]! This is [yourName] from [compName]. Well, it’s official! The trees have dumped all of their leaves into our pools for the Fall. Would you like us to swing by this week and get your pool cleaned up?

Topic: "Winter Pool Prep"

Hey, [firstName]! This is [yourName] from [compName]. We will be in the neighborhood getting your neighbors’ pools prepped for the winter so they don’t run into any issues. Would you like us to come by this week and get that done for you as well?

Topic: "Our Schedule is Filling Up"

Hey, [firstName]! This is [yourName] from [compName]. Just a heads up, our pool cleaning schedule is about to completely fill up for the month. Would you like us to add you to our schedule this week before it’s full?

Topic: "Happy Holidays!"

Hey, [firstName]! Happy holidays! This is [yourName] from [compName]. Do you need any help getting your pool cleaned before guests start showing up for the holidays?

Topic: "Happy Birthday!"

Happy Birthday, [firstName]! We hope you have any awesome day! Here’s a free [insertService] if you sign up during your birthday month. Let us know if you’d like to get that scheduled. – [yourName] with [compName]

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