Pest Control

Topics & Ideas For Your Campaign

Copy these ideas directly into your campaign or use them as inspiration when creating your own ideas. Don’t forget to change the placeholder variables (ex. [yourName])!

Topic: "Crazy Mosquitos"

Hey [firstName]! This is [yourName] from [compName]. We’ve been seeing a ton of Mosquitos around your neighbors’ homes this Summer. Have you been seeing the same thing? Do you need us to come out and do Mosquito treatment?

Topic: "General Summer Pest Control"

Hey [firstName]! This is [yourName] from [compName]. Have you been having any issues with [insertPest(s)] around your home? We’ll be doing pest treatments in the neighborhood this week if you need our help.

Topic: "Upcoming Holidays or Events"

Hey [firstName]! This is [yourName] from [compName]. Ready to get your home pest-free and ready for the [insertEvent]? We’re doing Pest Treatments this week if you’re interested!

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