Lawn Care & Landscaping

Topics & Ideas For Your Campaign

Copy these ideas directly into your campaign or use them as inspiration when creating your own ideas. Don’t forget to change the placeholder variables (ex. [yourName])!

Topic: "Weed Control"

Hey [firstName]! This is [yourName] from [compName]. We’ve been seeing weeds pop up throughout your neighborhood after the rain last week. How is your home? Do you need any weeds removed and treated this week?

Topic: "Fertilization & Weed Control"

Hey [firstName]! This is [yourName] from [compName]. We’ll be in your neighborhood this week doing Fertilization and Weed Control treatments. Would you like us to stop by this week?

Topic: "Maintenance Services"

Hey [firstName]! Happy Holidays! This is [yourName] from [compName]. We’ll be in the neighborhood this week getting your neighbors’ lawns ready for the holidays. Would you like us to come by this week and get things cleaned up?

Topic: "Winter Check-in / Last Call" (Option 1)

WINTER CHECK IN: If you need a one time lawn mow, reply YES to be added to the schedule. We are mowing this week.

Topic: "Winter Check-in / Last Call" (Option 2)

Hi [firstName]! This is [yourName] from [compName]. We will be doing our last mow of the winter this week. If you need a one-time mow, send me a message and we’ll add you to the schedule.

Topic: "Happy Birthday!"

Happy Birthday, [firstName]! We hope you have any awesome day! Here’s a free [insertService] if you sign up during your birthday month. Let us know if you’d like to get that scheduled. – [yourName] with [compName]

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