House Cleaning

Topics & Ideas For Your Campaign

Copy these ideas directly into your campaign or use them as inspiration when creating your own ideas. Don’t forget to change the placeholder variables (ex. [yourName])!

Topic: "Pre-Holiday Customer Reactivation"

Hey [firstName], Do you need extra help with getting your home clean & ready for the busy fall & holiday season?


[yourName] here @ [compName].


It’s been a little while since your last service and we wanted to check in to see if you needed any extra help getting your home clean before family starts coming over.


With the holiday season just around the corner, we know how busy things can get for you.


We usually book out 2-3 weeks in advance and wanted to give you first dibs.


Services include:

[List of Your Services]


AND Schedule 3 or more services and get 10% off


Do you want an updated quote for any services and lock in a slot?

Topic: "Bad Allergies"

Hey, [firstName]! This is [yourName] from [compName]. Some of your neighbors have been getting hit pretty hard by allergies this year; how are you doing? Would you like us to put you on our schedule for home-allergy cleaning this week?

Topic: "Happy Holidays!"

Hey, [firstName]! Happy holidays! This is [yourName] from [compName]. Do you need any help getting your home cleaned and ready for the holidays?

Topic: "Happy Birthday!"

Happy Birthday, [firstName]! We hope you have any awesome day! Here’s a free [insertService] if you sign up during your birthday month. Let us know if you’d like to get that scheduled. – [yourName] with [compName]

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