of prospects are frustrated by the  inconveniences when scheduling over the phone


of prospects would be more likely to try a new service provider if online scheduling was offered


of clients would prefer to schedule meetings and appointments online, compared to over the phone


Same Full Calendar, Just Without The Hassles or Time Wasting

No Phone Tag. No Back-and-Forth Email. Just Straight Up, Easy Scheduling.

Gone are the days of wasting valuable time while scheduling by phone or email. EveryChat makes it easy for leads and clients to schedule anything with you, without the need to get you or your team involved. All you need to do is show up for the appointment.

How Is Scheduling So Easy?

EveryChat handles everything from scheduling the meeting or appointment, to following up and making sure everyone is on time.

Got 6 minutes? Watch the video below to see just how easy it is. 


Set Your Rules

Set rules for when you’re available. EveryChat will then make sure people only schedule times that work for you.


Share Your Link

Share your link with leads and clients so they can access your scheduling page.


Fill Your Schedule

They select a time from your pre-vetted availability, then the appointment is added to your calendar.

Scheduling Just Got a Whole-Lot Easier

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You Focus on What's Most Important Inside Your Company

Self-Service Scheduling

On average, 70% of your prospects would prefer to schedule meetings and appointments with you online, on their own – often times, after hours. Your personal EveryChat scheduling page lets them do just that, in an incredibly simple way.


That means you schedule more appointments (without getting involved in the process) and you WOW your prospects with a great experience.

Sync With Your Existing Online Calendar

Already use Google or Outlook calendar? Perfect. EveryChat syncs directly to your existing calendar to ensure that everything stays up to date (on both ends) when appointments are created, rescheduled, or cancelled.

Automatic Scheduling Conflict Detection

Scheduling mistakes, like double-bookings, are a thing of the past with EveryChat. Your availability updates on the fly so the times your visitors see, are the times that are truly available. Put simply, if a time is already spoken for on your Google or Outlook calendar, it won’t show up on your scheduling page.

Stop Surprise Meetings and Accidental No-Shows

When a meeting is missed or turns out to be a surprise, it can usually be traced back to a lack of communication. To prevent this from happening, we send automatic reminders and notifications to ensure that everyone stays informed, even when something changes.

Collect Important Information Upfront

Create short, custom forms that collect valuable prospect information upfront, so you can prepare for the appointment.

Client Scheduling Portal

When things come up that force sudden changes in your client’s availability, they can quickly make changes to a previously scheduled appointment without interrupting your workflow.


EveryChat provides them with an intuitive scheduling portal that they can use to cancel or reschedule meetings. After the change has been made, we’ll automatically notify you and update your calendar.

What Can I Schedule?

EveryChat works for nearly everything! Check out some of the ideas below.


Get one-time jobs scheduled and on the calendar in no time.

In-Person Estimates

Schedule times to offer prospects in-person estimates.

Sales Calls

Quickly set up sales calls to close the deal with leads.


Get more in-person or virtual consultations on your calendar.

Quality Inspections

Quality complaints? Schedule a time to check them out.


Get job applicant interviews on the calendar without delays.

And MUCH more…

We Do The Scheduling. You Focus on Growing.

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Scheduling Features

Calendar Sync

Keep everything in sync by connecting your existing Google or Outlook calendar.

Calendar View

Manage your calendar and availability directly from EveryChat.

Scheduling Page

Allow clients to schedule meetings, without the back-and-forth.

Auto Reminders

Keep everyone information with auto reminders and notifications.

Appointment Types

Specify what kind of meetings you'd like clients to schedule with you.

Dynamic Availability

Don't worry about double bookings, your availability updates on-the-fly.

Form Builder

Build forms that ask for important information before a meeting.

Client Tools

Allow clients to cancel and reschedule meetings when something changes.

Shareable Link

Easily share you personal scheduling page with anyone.

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