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If you’d like to increase your sales and the number of new leads generated – EveryChat is for you. Give it a try completely Free for 14 days – no CC required.

What's Included

All Messaging Features

Organize your inbox so missed messages and long support delays are a thing of the past.

All Scheduling Features

Eliminate the hassles of phone tag and back-and-forth email so you can focus on growing your business.

Messaging Features

Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages from multiple phone numbers.

Facebook Messaging

Send and receive Facebook Messages from your current Messenger account.

Saved Contacts

Keep an organized list of people who have contacted your business.

Team Delegation

Assign team members to respond to conversations.

Blast Messaging

Send text messages to more than one person at a time. * Feature not available for Facebook.

Send Attachments

Include images, files, and more when sending messages.

Contact Tagging

Apply tags to contacts for better filtering or highly specific blast messaging.

Add Team Members

Add members from your team to your EveryChat account. Each additional team member is $9/mo.

Add Phone Numbers

Purchase phone numbers with texting capabilities for your business. Each additional number is $2/mo. (Contact us for porting existing numbers)

Auto responders

Easily set up auto responses that get delivered to contacts when they text you.

Text-able Keywords

Create custom keywords that trigger automated conversation flows with new leads & contacts.

Website Chat Bot

This chat bot will capture and qualify leads completely on its own.

Scheduling Features

Calendar Sync

Keep everything in sync by connecting your existing Google or Outlook calendar.

Calendar View

Manage your calendar and availability directly from EveryChat.

Scheduling Page

Allow clients to schedule meetings, without the back-and-forth.

Auto Reminders

Keep everyone information with auto reminders and notifications.

Appointment Types

Specify what kind of meetings you'd like clients to schedule with you.

Dynamic Availability

Don't worry about double bookings, your availability updates on-the-fly.

Form Builder

Build forms that ask for important information before a meeting.

Client Tools

Allow clients to cancel and reschedule meetings when something changes.

Shareable Link

Easily share you personal scheduling page with anyone.

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14 Day Free Trial

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Common Questions

Will I Be Charged When The Trial Expires?

No. We don’t require a credit to start the free trial, so you’ll only be charged when you decide you’re ready. If you want to continue, then we’d ask for your payment information.

How Many Team Members Can I Add?

You can add as many as you’d like! Just note that each additional team is $9/mo. They will have access to all of the major features inside EveryChat (excluding features containing your private information).

How Much Are Phone Numbers and How Many Can I Get?

Each phone number is $2/mo and you can purchase as many as you’d like. All phone numbers purchased through EveryChat will have text capabilities, but will not have calling capabilities.

Do I Pay For Text Messages?

Yes. Our phone carrier has small fees associated with sending messages. EveryChat has something called “SMS Credits,” which you can purchase to send text messages to prospects and clients. Credits are not expensive, as each credit costs $0.035 — bulk discounts are available.

What Hoops Do I Need To Jump Through When Cancelling My Account?

None. You can cancel any time. There is no penalty or hassle when doing so.

What If I Have More Questions?

Feel free to contact us! We’re always happy to help.

Start Your Free Trial Today! No Credit Card Required.

Try EveryChat completely Free for 14 days and see the difference it will make inside your business. No credit card needed to start.

No CC Required

14 Day Free Trial