SMS Compliance & Industry Fees

The telecom industry is heavily regulated, and carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile require registration with The Campaign Registry to prevent spam and fraudulent texting. Here are the costs associated with registration and messaging on carriers’ networks. EveryChat will keep customers updated on any additional expenses that may arise.


New messaging costs went into effect on May 1, 2021, for all existing and new EveryChat customers. Free trial users will not be charged until they become paying customers. 


Brand Registration Fee: $0


While phone carriers charge a brand registration fee of up to $60, we waive this fee for our new and existing customers that have less than 50 phone numbers assigned to their accounts.


For those customers who have or plan on having over 50 phone numbers, please contact support so we can provide pricing and information.


Campaign Type Registration Fee: $20/mo


The fee is $20 per month per registered campaign type, and every phone number that will be used in blast SMS messaging must be assigned to a campaign type. The monthly campaign fee will be added to your bill once your campaign is approved. If your campaign registration is rejected, EveryChat will help you re-register.


For US-based SMS messaging, the cost can be as little as $0.015 per inbound or outbound message, and for MMS messaging, outbound costs roughly $0.030 per message. 


If you have questions about Brand or Campaign Type registration fees, please contact support. We’d be happy to help!

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