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EveryChat and Text Marketing will change your world! Texting gives you an unprecedented advantage over your competitors, not only when it comes to communicating with existing leads & clients, but also when you’re trying to generate new ones.

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Your Customers WANT To Text You

Why Texting Is Changing The Game For Field and Home Service Businesses

Think about your typical residential customer, how many of them are spending time on their email or actively pick up random phone calls throughout the day? Almost NONE of them. That means the effectiveness of your emails and, especially your phone calls have been blunted.


But, this doesn’t just impact how you connect with your customer, it also impacts how they connect with you as a business… let me explain.


As you’ve probably noticed by now, the world becomes more mobile every year. Restaurants now take orders from an app, hotels take reservations from their website, and stores ship you products that were purchased online. Almost every industry has reduced their dependency on email or phone calls for selling products/services. In return, we as consumers, have rewarded those forward thinking companies for making it more convenient for us.


of leads would prefer a text over a phone call


of recipients open and read your texts on average


increase in conversion rate when companies text new leads


seconds is the average response time for text messages

What Gary V. Thinks About Texting

He’s a Serial Entrepreneur, Chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia, CEO of VeeFriends, & 5X NYT Bestselling Author

“This is the most powerful sh*t I’ve seen since early email… ”

“From somebody who has hundreds of thousands of people on text, I’m getting 98% open and 90% engagement... This was actually higher than I expected.”

(Gary V. is NOT a EveryChat customer)

Boost Your Sales & Marketing Results

How You Can Leverage Texting

Upsell Clients

Upselling is a numbers game, so why would you send your offer on messaging platforms that are ignored or missed by a large percentage of your audience.


Maximize the results of your personalized upsell by texting clients. With an open rate of 98%, your offer is almost guaranteed to be opened and read.

Follow Up With Leads

When new leads contact you, they’ve likely also contacted several of your competitors. If you can beat your competitors to the punch, you’re 7x more likely to close the sale. But, if your follow-ups are ending up in spam or, if it’s a phone call, being ignored, your efforts are pointless.


Not only will leads see your message when you text them, but they’ll respond to you first because they prioritize text messages!

Generate New Leads

Stop missing quality leads by making it too difficult to contact you! Not everyone has time to hop on a 15-minute phone call with a salesperson as soon as they find your business. But, almost everyone has 45 seconds to write a text and press send!


With EveryChat, people can easily text you directly from your website, ads, or other marketing material, maximizing your chances of capturing new leads.

Collect Great Reviews

Oftentimes, the best way to get more reviews is simply to ask. Easily send happy customers a short, personalized text message with a link asking for a review.

Some of The Features Companies Love

Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages from multiple phone numbers.

Facebook Messaging

Send and receive Facebook Messages from your current Messenger account.

Blast Text Messaging

Send text messages to all or segments of your contacts with a single click.

Auto Responders

Easily set up auto responses that will be sent to contacts when they text you.


Create custom keywords that trigger automated conversation flows with new leads & contacts.

Import Contacts

EveryChat has built a flexible import tool that you can use to import your contacts from almost any CRM.

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Have More Questions? Explore Our FAQs

Can I use my own phone numbers?

Yes. You can text-enable and link an existing VoIP or Landline number. If that’s something you’d like to do, contact us so we can help.

How many phone numbers and Facebook pages can I connect?

You can connect one Facebook page and as many phone numbers as you’d like.

Can my team join too?

Absolutely. You’ll have the ability to add team members to your account (extra) so they can help you manage conversations with prospects.

Do the scheduling features sync up with my online calendar?

The scheduling features inside EveryChat can sync to your Google or Outlook calendar (whichever you connect). From there, we make sure that you’re availability is always up-to-date automatically – preventing scheduling mistakes.

Do I need a credit card to start my 14-day trial?

Nope. You’ll have access to all of the EveryChat features completely free for 14-days without being asked for a credit card.

How do I cancel if EveryChat isn't right for me?

Log into EveryChat and navigate to your Profile Settings. Click “Delete My Account” and follow the steps. There’s no need to call or email us.

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