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Two-Way Texting and Facebook Messaging

Maximize the performance of your sales, recruiting, and customer service team with ScheduleTalk, the all-in-one messaging and scheduling platform.

Why Texting and Facebook?

How These Platforms Are Changing The Way You Communicate With Leads

When people are reaching out to businesses, they want convenience. Phone calls and emails are NOT the convenient option anymore. Think about it – who still uses email in their spare time? And, most importantly, who wants to call a business and potentially get stuck on the phone with a sales person?


This is what you call Friction. The more friction you create in your sales process, the harder it will be to get results. By allowing people to contact you by Text or Facebook message, you remove friction. These are platforms people use on a daily basis, so it’s simple and convenient for them, which increases the chance they actually reach out. The stats show it too…


of leads would rather receive a text message compared to a phone call


…Facebook Messenger engagement rates are 80 times better than email


of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent.

ScheduleTalk Brings Your Texts, Facebook Messages, and Meetings Into One Place.

You’ll have all of the tools you need to excel in lead generation, sales, recruiting, and customer service.

Accelerate Sales

Stop missing quality leads and start capitalizing on more opportunities.

Keep Clients Happy

ScheduleTalk makes it easy for your clients to get the help they need – keeping them happy and loyal to your company.

Secure Fantastic Job Applicants

Finding quality job candidates is already hard enough – don’t risk losing them to another company when your follow up process is slow and disjointed.

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Have More Questions? Explore Our FAQs

Can I use my own phone numbers?

Yes. You can text-enable and link an existing VoIP or Landline number. If that’s something you’d like to do, contact us so we can help.

How many phone numbers and Facebook pages can I connect?

You can connect one Facebook page and as many phone numbers as you’d like.

Can my team join too?

Absolutely. You’ll have the ability to add team members to your account (extra) so they can help you manage conversations with prospects.

Do the scheduling features sync up with my online calendar?

The scheduling features inside ScheduleTalk can sync to your Google or Outlook calendar (whichever you connect). From there, we make sure that you’re availability is always up-to-date automatically – preventing scheduling mistakes.

Do I need a credit card to start my 14-day trial?

Nope. You’ll have access to all of the ScheduleTalk features completely free for 14-days without being asked for a credit card.

How do I cancel if ScheduleTalk isn't right for me?

Login to ScheduleTalk and navigate to your Profile Settings. Click “Delete My Account” and follow the steps. There’s no need to call or email us.

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