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Yes. In most cases, we can connect existing Landline and VOIP numbers.

At this time, numbers are text message enabled only. However, we can set up call forwarding in case someone tries to call your EveryChat line.

No. We don't require a credit to start the free trial, so you'll only be charged when you decide you're ready. If you want to continue, then we'd ask for your payment information.

You can add as many as you'd like! Just note that each additional team is $9/mo. They will have access to all of the major features inside EveryChat (excluding features containing your private information).

Each phone number is $2/mo and you can purchase as many as you'd like.

You get roughly 250 free text messages per month with any subscription you choose. If you need more, we sell additional text message credits in bulk. The more credits you buy in a single transaction, the greater the discount. For example, a credit can cost as little as $0.01.

None. You can cancel any time. There is no penalty or hassle when doing so.